Inspire me! Great is my God and greatly to be praised! Dear Heavenly Father, You are the mighty Potter! I am the works of Your hands. My talents come from You alone. Help me to multiply and grow them for your purposes! I do not want to bury or hide anything that you have placed in my hands and heart! Propel me forward into the path You are laying before me. Lord, inspire my thoughts, my words and my actions! Lead me into things that bring profit for Your kingdom! Anoint me for Your service. My life is of Your choosing. … Continue reading Inspire me!


Dear Lord, You are my greatest love. My heart cries out for Your love and embrace. My deepest desire is to walk by the leading of the Spirit of God that lives inside of me. Teach me to allow the Spirit of God to rise up and take the lead. Let my thoughts stay focused on my purposes in Christ. Help me to be a minister of peace to those You bring into my life. Turn Your eyes to the details of my life. I read Your written Word and see that You are a God of details. No thing … Continue reading Hopes


Dear Heavenly Father, Holy and exalted are You! When I consider the great things You have done in my life, I am amazed. I deserve nothing, yet I have everything. At night I lie down in comfort…mornings I awaken with peace. Although troubles come against me, my shield holds strong before me. My protection is assured. No everlasting harm can come over me. My hope is in my destiny which is greater than anything this world can offer. My future holds every joy…every good thing You have prepared for me. At times I get caught up in these emotions, the … Continue reading Guidance

Give me ears

Dear Heavenly Father, You are my Great and Mighty God! There is no thing in heaven or earth that compares to You. You are all powerful and all knowing. There are no secret places hidden from Your eyes. Lord, search the depths of my soul. Shine a light on any dark things that need cleaning. Forgive me my wrongs and teach me righteousness. I do not want to stumble about as one who is blind without a help. The Spirit of the most High God lives in me. Help me to be alert to the whisperings of Your voice. It’s … Continue reading Give me ears

Never Overlooked

Dear Heavenly Father, You alone hold all that livesĀ in Your hands. Every breath, every beat of the heart is a gift from You. No life is forgotten or overlooked. For those who don’t call you Savior, each new day is an unpromised opportunity to turn away from eternal damnation. A chance to start afresh on the path of eternal life. For those who call You Savior, each new day is an unpromised opportunity to draw closer to You. A chance to call on Your name and grow in Christ Jesus. When I call out to You, You respond. I’m never … Continue reading Never Overlooked

Mighty Protector

  Dear Heavenly Father, You are my Savior, the one who speaks to my soul… Stirs my heart, calls my name. My life is full of peace only because You are leading me through this war torn land. My hope, my trust, my faith are fully in You. My shield is not made of money nor my weapons of pride. You alone are my mighty protector… The one who goes before me in battle. You will never be taken off guard. Nothing surprises You. I can trust You with the things that appear impossible. Truly Your ways, Your thoughts are … Continue reading Mighty Protector

Fill my Soul

Dear Heavenly Father, You are the perfect King. A Master who loves His servants. I am blessed to belong to You. Every thought that You have toward me is good. Your love for me is greater than my understanding. You will keep me safe and lead me on paths of righteousness. I can put all of my hope and trust in You without fears. Help me to be aware of wrong thinking when it invades my mind. Teach me to recognize and to cast out thoughts that do not line up with Your ways. Fill my soul with Your wisdom. … Continue reading Fill my Soul