Dear Heavenly Father, Beautiful are Your works! The world is filled with Your perfection and glory. The mysteries of life are beyond our human comprehension. But all things are made, known and understood by You! This is Your creation and all things are underneath Your authority. I do not have to understand it all. I have been directed by You to trust and obey Your Word. Help me to walk through this life according to these precepts. My hope is to live this life holy and righteous. God, I know there is more to my purpose than what I’m seeing. … Continue reading Direct


Dear Heavenly Father, Praises to my Father above who loves me without wavering.  Your love and compassion can be fully trusted. I have no imperfections that turn your eyes away from me.  Your hands that shape are continuously on me. I trust in You to see me through to completion. I will not be broken or shattered! I will not become clay that is too hard to be remade or too thin to be completed. I will listen to Your directives and I will push my way forward in obedience.  Press me Lord, shape me into that strong and wise … Continue reading Smelly

Stormy Weather

Dear Heavenly Father, Worthy is the Lamb! Perfect in all Your thoughts and ways. You are a righteous judge. You see all, know all, and have the answer for all things! Your ways can be fully trusted! Lord, help me in my confusion. I know according to Your word this is not Your way. You have given me a spirit of wisdom and understanding.  My human emotions cloud my thoughts. The seasons continuously change. The storms roll in and out.  In Your time, the Son will shine upon my face. The flowers will blossom, the trees will grow strong and … Continue reading Stormy Weather


Dear Heavenly Father, You are my King, exalted high above all that exists! You judge Your kingdom with mercy and Grace. You bring even the lowest of servants into Your chambers and robe them with fine linens and jewels. You passionately love all who bow before You. There is none great or small in Your sight! Your love is perfect. Your thoughts and ways are flawless. My days are filled with imperfections. My thoughts stray, I forget the important, I make wrong decisions. When I consider You, I am amazed by Your ways without blemish. All things of the world … Continue reading Direction


Dear Heavenly Father, You are the God who has always been and always will be.  You are the God who creates all that lives.  Where there is breath, there is purpose. No matter how unknown or how well known, You have a plan. All who come humbly before Your throne, and seek Your will, find it. Give me strength to be obedient in the hard places. My path is not always a field of flowers. At times, You allow me to walk through a fiery forest.  I trust in You to bring me to the other side without being burned. I … Continue reading Wisdom


Dear Heavenly Father, You are so beautiful! I meditate on Your perfection…I consider Your purity. My Saviour without sin. A Lamb without blemish…the one who is white as snow. Your thoughts have never been tainted…Your ways never flawed.  You watch over my life…You make a way for me. I will never be without hope. My future is in the hands of One with perfect ways. I trust without limits. My faith is in my Master. I give myself to You. Help me to put aside selfish thoughts and walk humbly in Your ways. To live my life obediently committed to … Continue reading Peace

Life in Christ

Dear Heavenly Father, What a powerful God You are! Truly, all things are in Your hands. There is nothing that exists which is too big for You. You have the power to do as You please. There is no boundaries to what You can do!  I thank You that my life is in Your thoughts. There is no better place, no happiness or peace for the soul outside of You!  I praise You for bringing me inside Your chambers. You have opened the door for me to enter into the secret place. You have laid out a feast for this … Continue reading Life in Christ